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Point of sale

Tablet SP offers the most powerful point of sale in Mexico, a functional package with powerful tools capable of helping your business to sell more and scale its size. The point of sale is a device that, in an establishment or commercial business, allows you to manage various tasks, optimizing the management of the resources you have and improving decision-making focused on business goals.


Providing noticeable benefits to your clients is one of the main objectives that will differentiate you from the rest of the businesses. The processing of payments and the simple sending of receipts or electronic invoices via email or via SMS are benefits that your customers may not be used to, but once implemented they will value it and give it the importance it has for them and for you, in this way you retain your customers and they feel comfortable buying from your business.


Having the suppliers of your business located is a priority in order to have accurate information; knowing which supplier sells a certain product and what quantities supplies in a certain period is important information for decision-making.

Reports and Dashboard

Being able to analyze your business every day or in the period of time that you require, is an advantage. With simple and easy to understand reports, you will know the current state of your business. Having the ability to filter information by employee or local number, manage product stocks in daily inventory, send them by email and have it ready on your smartphone allows the improvement and analysis of your business.

Catalog Upload

The product catalog is the management center of the software. Creating and uploading catalogs has never been easier than it is now. With the Tablet Sp software, sales registration is easy and intuitive thanks to the images that can be implemented; In addition, the software collects useful information that is reflected in reports used for better decision-making. All this with the possibility of doing it from the same App at the point of sale or from your mobile.

Acceptance of bank cards.

Tablet Sp is a point of sale that can be mobile or fixed and that helps in an easier way to sell better, wherever and whenever you want. This POS allows you to sell with a simple but practical product catalog and to process more complex payments easily. Offering your buyers the possibility of paying for their basic services at the point of sale of your business will be essential for the loyalty of customers to your business.


Tablet SP offers the possibility of reviewing the inventory of the stores, which represents information on stored goods in stock that will carry out any operation, be it purchase, rental, sale, use or even transformation. This information must be countable and project the information that is required for good decision making.


Tablet Sp is a tool that has the possibility of billing immediately and easily, issuing different types of vouchers, such as simple ticket, invoice, global invoices, debit and credit notes, among others. In addition, it allows the acceleration of CFDI without visiting the SAT portal. It is a multi-company tool, which allows you to issue invoices and send them by email to customers, in such a way that they trust your business.

Add Ons

Having the possibility of adding some other function that is not contemplated from the beginning is an advantage that you have with Tablet Sp, since the incorporation of Add ons in our point of sale or eCommerce systems can be integrated with some platforms or processes that were previously in the company, thus obtaining a system according to your business.


Currently, having an online store is a priority to grow your business. Contact our team and we will advise you to have your own online store and turn it into a true sales machine that makes your product or business known. Having a team to support you in this process is not always easy to find; however, Tablet Sp helps you get to the next level.

Technical support

We know that having your own business is complicated and, sometimes, having such a powerful tool can be complex. For this reason, our technical support service and frequently asked questions are at your disposal. These tools explain the service and provide a series of explanatory videos for the proper use of the software and the possibility of calling your provider's customer service number or email.

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