The first sales point software designed to operate on mobile devices Android OS

Easy to use

Has a very simple interface so requires no extra training. Designed for people without computer skills


Allows you to obtain various reports of your business instantly thanks to its extensive management capabilities


Designed to work in several business and connect with various management systems

Why choose Tablet SP software?

Annual Subscription

The software tablet SP provides full functionality through an annual subscription payment.


We offer technical support 5 × 8 in all Latin American countries. Additionally, you can contact us via

Discounts at the moment

The POS Tablet SP lets you make sales quickly and easily, providing discounts at the time of sale with no problem.


Take the best business decisions relying on special reports generated by this software. You can learn, among other things, levels of sales, inventory status and best sellers.

Caja Tablet SP

No Internet Connection

With this software everything is done from the Tablet. You can work without having a permanent connection to Internet.

Management in the Cloud

Increase the capabilities of your sales point with TabletSP Cloud and you can manage multiple devices anywhere in the world from a web portal. desde un portal web

Sale of cellular airtime and services payment

TabletSP is not just a selling point, also allows the sale cellular airtime and payment of various services (CFE, Cable, etc.) * Feature only available in Mexico.

Outstanding features of Tablet Sales Point

The sales point software most innovative available in Latin America

Mobile and fixed

This outlet may operate in Tablets, Phablets (Smartphone + Tablet, such as Galaxy Note de Samsung) and fixed terminals. So no matter if you prefer to work from a fixed or mobile point with Tablet SP you can do it.

Cash and credit

With Tablet SP you can make sales both credit or cash without any complications.

Large stock

You can store up to 2,000 products in the catalog of this sales point.


In case of loss or theft your information is secure. This sales point allows you to backup all your information (sales, catalogs, inventory, etc.) with one click.


Works on devices Android OS 3.2 or higher.

Payment Interfaces

Tablet SP can connect to various means of payment through different interfaces (disponible solo en México)

Multiple TPV

With version Tablet SP Cloud, you can operate unlimited sales points in any location, whether in the same locality or country or in different locations and countries.

Advanced reports

Get instant reports of the performance of your business with this software: report cash transactions, sales, profits, etc.

Electronic invoice

You can issue electronic invoices (available only in Mexico).

Download Tablet SP demo

Download Tablet SP demo for free

Features tablet sales point

Register your sales quickly and easily with this sales point

  • Select the product easilyYou can select manually or through the use of a reading device of a barcode.
  • No training requiredThis sales point is so simple in its operation that requires no previous training.
  • Apply direct discountsEasily enter the discount you want to apply to the sale. Whether a discount percentage, quantity or units.
  • The tax is configurableTablet SP is designed to operate with any option tax.

Multiple billing options to its customers

  • Apply cash paymentsApply cash payment easily from any sale made, enter the amount paid and the change will automatically appear.
  • Management of credit salesWith this software you can manage your customers and give them credit option on their purchases.
  • Accept payments with bank cardsAdd capacity to your sales point by accepting bank card for payment of goods and services (additional module).
  • Issue ticket or sending virtual ticketYou can print directly the ticket for your client or you can choose to send it virtually via email.

Manage your inventory efficiently with this sales point software

  • Register in the system the products easilyThrough our intuitive graphical interface you can enlist your catalog of products in a simple and fast way.
  • Management of maxima and minima in stockWith this software you can generate alarms for low stock according to policies defined.
  • Description photoTablet SP allows you to add pictures of products in order to make it easier to find it for sale.
  • Management of sizes, colors, weight, etc.Allows different product parameters such as sizes, colors and weight.

Simple management of access and user management

  • Safety system accessUsing a username and password your employees can access to the system securely.
  • Time recording system entryUpon entering the system, Tablet SP can record the time of entry and exit of its staff, making the software a terminal assists too.

Reports from your device or from the web portal

  • Get a comprehensive view of your businessThrough the reports included in the Tablet SP system, you can immediately know the total sales, attendance of your staff, customers registered, loans, maximum and minimum values of stock, cash transactions, lists of products and prices and several reports.
  • Predefined reportsThe Tablet SP has several predefined reports to be displayed on your tablet device or Terminal POS.
  • Predefined reports via webIn version Tablet SP Cloud, you can visualize concentrated or separate each sales point installed, regardless of location. You can monitor points of sale anywhere in the country or world.

Compatible hardware

Choose individually or bundled software components for your point of sale





Tablet SP is ideal for working in






Liqueur store

Fast food

Ice Cream stores

Mobile phones stores


Coffee shop

Clothing Boutiques

Franchise Modules

Gourmet products stores

Food Trucks

Food Trucks

Tablet SP prices


USD/Single payment

Try this free POS

Limited version with ads
10 products in catalog
Stand Alone / Requires no permanent internet connection
15 days of telephone basic support in Spanish 8x5
15 days email support


USD/Single payment

Tablet SP Lite

Perpetual license per device
Up to 2000 products in catalog
Stand Alone / Requires no permanent internet connection
Attendance record



Tablet SP Cloud

For each Tablet SP Lite device.
Unlimited bandwidth
Access to the portal via web for managing all sales points having Tablet SP Lite
Advanced reports online
Software Name
Tablet Sales Point
Operating System
USD 99
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